Тест на уровень владения английским языком

1.Does he work ____ an office?
2.What are your ____ names?
3.This weekend I ____ for my Trigonometry exam.
4.He works ____ a chef in an Italian restaurant.
5.Don’t buy this dress, look at ___one.
6. I ___ football.
7.She ___the letter.
8.I ____ for this company for six years before I was given a promotion.
9.It’s 9 o’clock. Sheila _____ her office by now.
10.There are only a ____ gardens in this city.
11.What are you busy___?
12.She’s lost ____ much weight that I hardly recognised her.
13.What is the weather ___ today?
14.The victim was killed ____ a knife.
15.He is the ___ boy in the class.
16.She opened the door ___herself.
17.He has only ___ the National Opera House once.
18.Florida is the state ____ I was born.
19.She was ____ tired to walk any more.
20.You can have ___ soup or fruit juice.
21.He likes swimming. ___he?
22.More people are ___ to organize the event.
23.Haven’t you done your homework ____ ?
24. If you ___this music, you will buy the disk
25.She had her hair ___.
26.I have no plans where ___.
27.He said he ____ delighted.
28.You will change your mind after you ___ the letter.
29.Who’s the men who ____ interviewed over there?
30.If Terry ___ skiing, he wouldn’t have broken his arm.
31.____ Brazos is a river in Texas.
32.___ bad weather, we didn’t go to the cinema.
33.His German dictation leaves much to be ___ .
34.Give up ___! You will enjoy your new healthy life!
35.For the interview, she wore a ____ suit
36.This news cheered me ____.
37.To my great ___he wasn’t late.
38.She begged him ____ anything.
39.He ___our proposition.
40.He ___some money, but he is not going to return.
41.Tina’s sleeping. She ___ be tired.
42.He said they were leaving the ___ week.
43.He asked me ____I had seen that man before.
44.My brother will not ___to school at nine.
45._____a smart boy Jayson is!
46.Look! It _____starting.
47.I ____if you could give me a book.
48.We met a lot of interesting people _____we were on holiday.
49.You ___your goal if you put forth little more effort.
50.It was raining cats and dogs; ____ we went on with our journey as planned.